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Antiques Canal a family business specializing in Catalan furniture from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and also in watches and complementary. In our own catering finishes made with absolute fidelity to its source, which allows the issuance of the certificate of authenticity for each piece. And to ensure the preservation of acquired furniture that * responsible its own storage and delivery to the customer through our own transport services throughout Catalonia. Antiques Canal is an artisan family business with over 20 years experience in the world of antiques and furniture restoration. Canal Antiques specializes in antique furniture ventilation, also offers a very specialized restoration in all kinds of furniture, because he knows that many times, the art object to be restored is composed of various materials. It's easy to find furniture that is formatted metal handles and keys mouth, decorative paintings, carvings depicting flowers and leaves, or marquetry, etc ..

Other specialties: Grid edge, upholstered in general. Coat the inside of the boxes, jewelry boxes, drawers, panels, etc. Place the skin or felt on desks, tables, table games, etc ..

Antiques Canal C / del Castanyer, 31-33 · Vial Sant Jordi, 267 17800 Olot (GIRONA) T. 972 26 29 17 F. 972 27 47 39 info@antiguitatscanal.com

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